Tea Tyme & What Nots

Menu Specialties

Sandwich Meals       - Call for Pricing

     Signature Chicken Salads (plain, fruity or curry),
     Tuna Salad; Tea Tyme Veggie, Cucumber,
     Ham & Cheese; Turkey & Cheese,
     Club Sandwich ,  BLT, Beef Wellington

All sandwiches served with side dish of Pasta Salad,
Potato Salad, Green Salad or Chips
Carry - Out is available: Call:  540 368 0675


Salad Meals          - Call for Pricing

Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad,
Pasta Salad, Combo Salad,
Tea Tyme Green Salad,
Tea Tyme Chef Salad,
Signature Bistro Salad


Desserts         - Call for Pricing

     Fresh Baked Scones (6 varieties)
     Tea Cakes and Specialty Cookies (limited)
     Cheese Cakes - varieties subject to change
     Chocolate Mousse Tuxedo Cake 
     Chocolate Marbled Truffle Cake
     Green Tea Cookies
     Macaroons (Subject to Availability) 
     Orange Raspberry Schubert Cookies 
     Key Lime Pie,
     Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing and Tiers
     Specialty desserts as occasionally available

 We are excited and exclusive with our famous:
Bubble Tea:  we offer genuine tapioca bubbles
that we prepare daily. You can choose from almost all of our beverage menu to
select your very own customized Bubble Tea.  
Call for details:   540 368 0675

     Here are our Menu Included Beverages:

Tea: Black, Green, White, Tisane, Roiboos
Chai 's  (Vanilla, Spiced, House, Green, Taro)
Chocolate Artic Frost,
Chocolate Mocha Freeze,
Smoothes (Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Peach),
Home-Style Sweet Tea, Flavored Iced Teas,
Hot Chocolate, Lemonade,
Soft Drinks,
Gourmet Coffees - French Vanilla, Tiramisu, etc.
Gourmet Sodas of too many flavors to list!
Ask about our Brand New Specialty Milk Shakes
Classic A&W Root Beer Floats


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